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American Pride

by Michael Ker

  • Paperback
  • Publication date: June 10th 2015

It is the most important football game of the year for the Newport Beach Tigers. Thirteen year old Casey Glynn, the star receiver, drops the perfect pass and blows the game. In one devastating moment Casey loses the respect of the person he looks up to most in life -- his father and coach, Big John Glynn. Casey works obsessively to become a successful Hollywood literary agent, marries the perfect girl, and buys a home in Brentwood, all in the hopes of winning back his father's love. As his ideal life starts to spin out of control, can the real Casey save himself? American Pride is the story of an all-American boy finding his way back through the lies and secrets from his past, and discovering the unexpected upside that comes from "losing."

About the Author:

Michael is a screenwriter, filmmaker, MOTH Story Slam winner, and novelist who loves to tell stories in whatever form they arrive in. He loves to surf and will not be anywhere near his computer if the waves are good.


  • “An original, fresh story, with memorable characters from start to finish. Ker's dialog crackles with authenticity throughout. ”
    - Andrew Lazar, producer of American Sniper and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

  • “A powerfully written debut novel gives access into the dark side of Hollywood and Los Angeles elite, that most people will never see. Ker will pull you into a world that is both gritty and painful one moment, and laugh out loud on the next.”
    - Dan Halsted, producer of The Virgin Suicides and Garden State

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