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Difference Makers

by Isaac Hernandez and Nancy Black

Paperback, eBook

Cover portrait subject Zainab Salbi founded Women for Women International, an organization that supports women living in war. Michael Pollan started a revolution regarding how we think about the food we eat. Paul Ehrlich was the first person to really consider ramifications of the exploding world population. Paolo Soleri, visionary architect, built Arcosanti, an early sustainably-planned community in the Arizona desert. This diverse collection of personalities share a common commitment to contribution, and to living in pursuit of a dream for a thriving world.

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The House of Six Doors - An Autobiographical Novel 2nd ed.

by Patricia Selbert

Paperback, eBook

Mama takes thirteen-year-old Serena and her sister to the US in search of fortune, leaving behind family, stability, and the colors of the Caribbean. They drive from Miami to Hollywood, where their money and luck run out, and a 1963 Ford Galaxie becomes their first American home. Guided by the memory of her native Curaçao and the words of her wise grandmother, Serena confronts challenges and grows up quickly. What gifts will this new country bring, and at what price?

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An Immigrant's Story, The House of Six Doors, Abridged

by Patricia Selbert

Paperback, eBook

Patricia Selbert and her sister leave their home on the Caribbean island of Curaçao when their ambitious, impulsive, and emotionally unstable mother takes them in search of the American dream. They drive across the United States from Miami to Hollywood, where their funds run out and their car becomes their first American home. The narrative recounts the story of Patricia's life both on the colorful Curaçao and in seedy Hollywood of the 1970s. The memories of her beloved grandmother guide Patricia through her complex journey as a teenage immigrant who ultimately finds her place and her identity in a new country.

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Mr. Dr. Moises Da Costa Gomez: Voorvechter van de Politieke Emancipatie der Nederlandse Antillen (Dutch Edition)

by drs. R.D. (Eugène) Boeldak MBA


De komst van de olie-industrie op Curaçao en Aruba leidde tot sociaal-economische verschuivingen die grote gevolgen hadden voor de politieke aspiraties. Zo werd de roep om autonomie en meer democratie (algemeen kiesrecht) langzamerhand steeds luider. Midden jaren 30 keerde Moises da Costa Gomez terug naar Curaçao uit Nederland. Deze briljante student sloot zijn rechtenstudie af met een proefschrift waarin hij scherpe kritiek uitte op de koloniale macht in de Antillen. Terug op Curaçao stortte hij zich met hart en ziel in de politieke strijd. Da Costa Gomez' einddoel was de materiële vooruitgang van de zes Antilliaanse eilanden en geestelijke verheffing van het arme deel van het volk van Curaçao.

Moon Mother, Moon Daughter

by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison

Paperback, eBook

Adolescence doesn't need to be a time of battle for mothers and daughters. In fact, the preteen years can present the perfect opportunity for connection. This inspiring book illustrates how to strengthen the bond, even if there's danger of disconnecting. Full of fun mother-daughter activities, goddess myths, practical advice, and age-old wisdom, this is a must-read for any mom who wants to provide her daughter with a rich coming-of-age experience.

The Mystery of Money: Understanding the Modern Financial World

by Harlan Green

Paperback, eBook

The financial world has been transformed. On the heels of the Great Recession, it is often hard to tell a rational investment founded on solid data from a dicey gamble based on incomplete or inaccurate information. With The Mystery of Money, Harlan Green demystifies financial planning. This guide provides the reader with key tools as it teaches the basic skills needed to successfully navigate the contemporary economic world.

The Three Sunflowers

by Janet Lucy, MA and Colleen McCarthy-Evans

Paperback, eBook

The Three Sunflowers tells of a turbulent day in the garden where a trio of sunflowers -- the tall, wise Gloria and young Solita and Sunny -- face unexpected and chaotic events they have no power to stop. Through it all, Gloria guides and reassures the youngsters and reminds them of the purpose of a sunflower's life. After a dark night of uncertainty, the story concludes with a delightful surprise ending. This unique and inspiring book offers empowering messages of hope, courage and peace, with new perspectives for living in an unpredictable world.

To Die in the USA

by Victor Fuentes

To Die in the USA portrays, not unlike Citizen Kane, the metaphorical death, and life of a Spanish exile. Set mainly in California and New York, but also in Spain, England, France, Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile, this work is a combination of fiction, history, and memoir. To Die in the USA is an antihero's existential odyssey from the Spanish Civil War to the Reagan Era, sometimes crude and cruel, but always tempered by a dose of black humor.