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To Die in the USA

by Victor Fuentes

  • 216 pages

To Die in the USA portrays, not unlike Citizen Kane, the metaphorical death, and life of a Spanish exile. Set mainly in California and New York, but also in Spain, England, France, Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile, this work is a combination of fiction, history, and memoir. To Die in the USA is an antihero's existential odyssey from the Spanish Civil War to the Reagan Era, sometimes crude and cruel, but always tempered by a dose of black humor.

About the Author

Victor Fuentes originally from Spain, immigrated to the United States in 1956. He is Emeritus Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and numerary member of the Northamerican Academy of Spanish Language (ANLE). Fuentes has written numerous books and essays on Spanish and Latin American Literature, and on Literature and Cinema, including a complete collection on filmmaker Luis Buñuel. He co-edited the Latino literary and cultural journal, Ventana Abierta for twenty years. To Die in the USA, the first of a fiction and memoir trilogy, was originally published in Spanish under the pen name of Floreal Hernández.

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