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Recognizing Difference Makers

September 19th, 2010 by admin | Posted in Difference Makers Project, Publishing by the Seas

Photography book honors Difference Makers


With a long legacy of non-profits formed and open space saved, Selma Rubin still sits on nine non-profit boards.

Selma Rubin at El Capitan, the California coastline that she saved from development.

(April 20, 2014, Santa Barbara, CA) In 1969 the Santa Barbara community confronted the environmentally catastrophic oil spill that sparked the birth of Earth Day a year later. To celebrate over four decades of solutions and forward thinking, Publishing by the Seas is proud to feature the work of photographer Isaac Hernández and Nancy Black with the release of Difference Makers: Portraits of Leaders in the Arts, Sustainability and Social Justice. The book will launch at Earth Day to honor Santa Barbara’s Earth Day pioneers Selma Rubin, Marc McGinnes, Paul Rellis and Bud Bottoms. These ordinary people who, confronted with the natural disaster of the SB oil spill, accomplished the extraordinary, and formed an integral core for the birth of a movement.

These activists share the walls with other like Andy Lipkis (TreePeople), Michael Pollan (author, Food Rules), ]Sylvia Earle (oceanographer), Larry and Linda Saltzman (local Santa Barbara EcoHeroes and permaculturists), Paul Erlich (author The Dominant Animal), Roberta Salazar (Birds and Rivers), Harold Powell (Telios Environmental), and more recognized leaders, Amy Tan, Gore Vidal, Javier Bardem, Will Smith and Isabel Allende.

These leaders embrace a bold future vision, dedicating their efforts towards the fulfillment of seemingly-impossible goals. This book aims to share their inspiration and solutions for a sustainable world.
Isaac Hernández and Nancy Black founded Mercury Press International in Santa Barbara in 1991, providing editorial and media services to dozens of publications worldwide and serving as US correspondents for El Mundo, the second largest newspaper in Spain and the world’s largest Spanish language periodical, with millions of readers worldwide. Carlos Fresneda is the London correspondent for El Mundo, and they’ve been collaborating on Difference Makers for over five years. Difference Makers launches on April 20, 2014, published by Santa Barbara’s Publishing by the Seas. For more information, to arrange interviews, or for additional photography, please contact Nancy Black,, 805-569-1559.