Book Cover: The House of Six Doors An Immigrant's Memoir by Patricia Selbert

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An Immigrant's Story, The House of Six Doors, Abridged

by Patricia Selbert

  • Publication date: October 11, 2012
  • 209 pages

Patricia Selbert and her sister leave their home on the Caribbean island of Curaçao when their ambitious, impulsive, and emotionally unstable mother takes them in search of the American dream. They drive across the United States from Miami to Hollywood, where their funds run out and their car becomes their first American home. The narrative recounts the story of Patricia's life both on the colorful Curaçao and in seedy Hollywood of the 1970s. The memories of her beloved grandmother guide Patricia through her complex journey as a teenage immigrant who ultimately finds her place and her identity in a new country.

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About the Author

Patricia Selbert was raised in three different countries, speaking four languages. She represented the Netherlands Antilles in equestrian events at the World Championships and the Pan American Games. Currently, she’s enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has a special interest in the psychology of multicultural identity. Patricia lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband, two sons, and three dogs.


  • “This is an honest and compelling coming-of-age story that follows a girl as she moves between two cultures, cradled between longing for her indigenous past and the glittering promise of her future in America. Selbert artfully shines light upon the honest transformation of an immigrant family, moving from memories of a windswept island and a grandmother’s wisdom to the poignant integration and reality facing all American immigrants. ”
    - Carol Prunhuber, author of Women: Around the World and Through the Ages

  • “This book is about affairs of the heart, clashing cultures, courage and how we each deal differently with love and pain. …there is a Hemingwayesque type of reportate to it… it’s satisfying. ”
    - Michael L. Bowker, author of Winning the Battle Within

  • “Intimate, at times lyrical, charged with pain and wonder, laughter and perennial hope, The House of Six Doors is terrific storytelling.”
    -Olga Rojer, Associate Professor, American University, Washington DC

  • “If you feel as though the circumstances of your life are against you and you wonder whether this will ever change, this is a story that will fill you with hope. If you have ever wanted to believe that the circumstances of your life really do work for your ultimate best interest, read The House with Six Doors.”
    - David Robert Ord, author of Lessons in Loving: A Journey into the Heart

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